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The skyline is the limit – Photo taken from ELTpics by Dimitris Primalis, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license

My name is Ljiljana Havran. I’m a teacher with 20 years’ experience in English language teaching, and an MA from the University of Belgrade. I have been teaching General and Aviation English at the Aviation Academy in Belgrade for 18 years.

I love blogging as it is a great way to improve my writing, to reflect and develop my own thoughts about learning/teaching, and to share and exchange my experiences with some enthusiastic teachers from all over the world. I hope that my lesson ideas are interesting and useful, and that my reflections and thoughts will motivate other people to be lifelong learners.

Besides teaching, my other passions are books, films and music (especially classical music and rock).

If you want you can also find me on Twitter, and on  Библиотека Ваздухопловне академије (my Aviation technical school library blog).

I hope you enjoy exploring 🙂


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  2. Dear Ljiljana,
    I work at a language school in Guayaquil, Ecuador and we’ve been approached by a pilot school to offer English classes for their trainee pilots…with a view, eventually, of having them reach the ICAO Operational Level 4 required of all pilots and groundstaff.
    I came across your blog and wondered if you could help with some guidance as to where I can look for some succinct information about this as it’s all new to me…and it doesn’t seem very straightforward!
    Many thanks,



    • Hi Tom,

      I’ve been teaching Aviation English for years at a secondary technical school in Belgrade. I’ve never taught English to pilots or Air Traffic Controllers, but I can recommend you some coursebooks and materials which I’ve been using for learning and preparing my Aviation English classes.

      ICAO Document 9835: Manual on the Implementation of the Language Proficiency Requirements. Montreal 2004. International Civil Aviation Organization. [Internet]. Available at:

      Communications, JAA ATPL, Theoretical Training Manual. 2004. Oxford: Jeppesen.

      Ellis, S. and T. Gerighty. 2008. English for Aviation, for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

      Emery, H. and A. Roberts. 2008. Aviation English. Oxford: Macmillan.

      Philip, Shawcross. 2011. Flightpath (Aviation English for Pilots and ATCOs). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

      I don’t know if this is the succinct information you wanted, but I hope it will be useful to you.




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