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My blogging style and a few useful tips

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My favourite place for writing/blogging

This post was inspired by a short post and a great idea by Zhenya whose blog I enjoy reading and highly recommend.

Zhenya’s questions about blogging, or writing in general, [habits, routines, tips] are:

  • What are your 2-3 favorite writing habits/rituals you find helpful?
  • What are 1-2 writing habits you find less helpful, (and would like to get rid of in the new year?)
  • What is one new idea (tip, habit) you would like to start in 2015, and why?

I think that talking about our blogging style or our writing habits is a very interesting idea, and our practical tips might be very useful for some new bloggers.

Blogging, for me, is an amazing way of learning through writing and reflecting. It helps me a lot to clarify my thoughts on teaching/learning, because I usually understand some things much better after writing them down.

I love listening carefully to other people (students, or ELT bloggers and teachers on Twitter) and reading some wonderful, inspirational blogs where I find a lot of interesting ideas, and I enjoy reflecting deeply on what I’ve heard or read (usually in solitude, while listening to music). When I find a topic interesting or intriguing, I usually spend a lot of time musing about it and exploring it in books, on the Net, and not until I get a complete idea what I’m going to write in my post, do I begin writing it. When I finish the post, I check it a few times (for grammar, vocabulary, or spelling errors), and when I hit publish, I’m usually very happy and relaxed.

Before writing a post I brainstorm some ideas and thoughts that spring to my mind. I write notes on my computer (in word document), or my notebook/planner, sometimes on pieces of paper that I put in the box, etc. I find this habit very helpful because I used to forget some (maybe interesting) ideas because I didn’t jot them down.

Blogging is really enjoyable, but it can be at the same time very demanding and time-consuming. I’m still struggling to choose the correct word in order to convey my thoughts and ideas while writing my posts. I’d like to get rid of the habit of feeling still (after almost two years of blogging) as a newbie because I’m a non-native English speaker who will never write so well as a native English speaking teacher.

My idea for 2015 is to improve my writing (especially my vocabulary), and to find more time for blogging and commenting on other blogs I like.

I’m looking forward to reading other comments or posts on your blogging style, habits or some useful tips.

Thank you for reading 🙂


About ljiljana havran

English language teacher & librarian, a lifelong learner. Love: good books, music, lots of dance.

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  1. Hi Ljiljana

    First of all, thank you for supporting the idea to share our blogging styles and habits! You said ‘our practical tips might be very useful for some new bloggers’ — I think they can, and I also think that even those of us who are not very new to it could enjoy reading how the others are writing. I still feel new in this area, however, so agree with you very much!

    You said you enjoy solitude when writing your posts. I sometimes find that I have better ideas in the middle of a noisy place (a coffee shop, or a bus, for example), but that would be the time to brainstorm ideas. For editing, I would also like to be in a quiet place (not even music playing) to help me focus.

    I agree that blogging can be demanding and time-consuming. I am wondering (asking myself first of all) if this depends on us, writers, and how we see blogging: is this a hobby? A side project? A professional development space? All of those? None of those?

    Well, looks like I have more questions to think about now! Thank you for your post, and for your blog!



    • ljiljana havran

      Hi Zhenya,

      Thanks so much for your comment and kind words.
      I fully agree with you that the idea of sharing our blogging habits and tips might be interesting and useful to all bloggers.

      It is true that the way we write/blog depends a lot on the purpose of creating our blogs, but I believe that a wide variety our blogging styles depends a lot more on our different personalities, and that was why the idea had a special appeal to me. What I love about reading blogs is just that diversity of ELT blogs and writing styles. Each blog has some individual characteristics of the author him/herself, so it is completely natural that our blogging habits are different. Reflecting on the way we blog/write is not only useful, but also a great opportunity to get to know much better the authors of the blogs we enjoy reading and sharing ideas with. And this all can be really fun, so I’d add one more tip to my post about blogging: Have fun! 🙂


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  3. Hi Ljiljana,

    Thanks for sharing your blogging habits. Just the kind of post I love to read! Something Zhenya says in her comment and I agree with – how time-consuming blogging is probably does depend quite a bit on what we hope to achieve with it. Someone who sees it as ‘just’ an interactive diary may devote less time to it than someone who views it as a professional development space or a side project.

    I think what Mike says in his comment on Zhenya’s post may well play a part too – the “Native Speaker Privilege” of having your slips and typos viewed as simply slips and typos.

    It’s interesting what you say about wanting to shake the feeling of being a newbie. For me, this feeling is closely connected with the quantity of text produced – I’ve thought about this occasionally and I don’t think it’s likely I’ll feel comfortable calling myself a blogger until I’ve written about 50 posts. That doesn’t mean I go around counting people’s posts, though – if they say they’re bloggers, that’s good enough for me. 🙂


    • Hi Vedrana,

      I enjoyed reading about your reflections on your first year of blogging and I remember that you wrote something like: “I’m writing for myself, it helps me reflect….” and I think it is a very good tip for bloggers: Write for yourself! Many writers have said that they write to learn what they think about something.

      I thoroughly enjoyed all the comments on Zhenya’s blog regarding our blogging habits. I think Mike’s ideas and tips on blogging are really awesome, his “Native Speaker Privilege” of having slips and typos is great and very encouraging for Non-native speakers, but that one on perfection is my favourite. We could talk a lot about the Voltaire’s quote “Don’t let the perfection be the enemy of the good”, or Margaret Atwood’s “If I waited for perfection… I would never write a word”. We should strive for excellence, not perfection; but I’m wondering when we can say for something we write that it is good enough… (I mean this is very relative, but writing about this could be an interesting idea for a new blog post, i guess)

      Thanks a lot for commenting on my blogging habits post. 🙂



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