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ImageThis activity was inspired by a great post by Jo Cummins Creative Writing Prompts 


Aviation English

Level: B1, B2

Write a short story of about 200-250 words.

1. You have 30 seconds to list items you can find at an airport. Write the story that includes all the words in the list but don’t set your story at or near an airport.

2. Use the following words in a short story: aeroplane, jazz festival, musician, baggage limits, saxophone, weapon, hold, fragile.

3. Amy Angler, 37, from Los Angeles, California, likes to always feel in control. She is strong-willed, determined and perfectionist. Put Amy at an airport where her plane is announced cancelled. She is on her way to the most important meeting in her career. What does she do?

4. Juliet Moore and Jason Tidwell meet on an aeroplane after his break up. One of them has a fear of flights.

5. The story starts when your protagonist says the wrong thing while going through airport security. Another character is a ski instructor who has stolen a photograph that belongs to your protagonist.

6. The story starts when your protagonist finds an old book on a friend’s shelf. Another character is a scientist who invents strange planes.

7. The story starts when your protagonist goes on round the world trip. Another character is a pilot who has a gift for poetry.

You could stick the stories up around the walls and the students could read them and vote on which was the most interesting, the funniest, the strangest, etc.


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English language teacher (General & Aviation English), passionate about learning and teaching. Curious, adventurous, a lifelong learner. Love: good books, music, lots of dance.

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