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“It’s not just about looking and copying, it’s about feeling too” – Paul Cezanne


Imagination is very important in language learning because it engages both the mind and heart of your students. They will be much more interested and motivated if they do something new, something they may not have experienced before. Students can be bored if they know that each lesson during a school year will start with the same coursebook and the same well-known phrase: ‘Open your book at p. 45’. Thus, it is a good idea to change the routine and occasionally bring a new material to class, something that will arouse your students’ curiosity and stimulate them to be creative. Not only a new material but also the variety of activities can be motivating for your students. They can describe a painting and think about the sounds that could be heard if they were inside the painting; they can draw a picture while they are listening to a composition, or illustrate a story, write a poem, or role play a scene etc., and the more senses they use in the process of learning the better.


About ljiljana havran

English language teacher (General & Aviation English), passionate about learning and teaching. Curious, adventurous, a lifelong learner. Love: good books, music, lots of dance.

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  1. I love Cezanne! Did you know that Cézanne died of pneumonia in 1906 leaving a large oeuvre that include, The Murder, The Bather and Rideau, Crichon et Compotier, which became the world’s most expensive still-life painting when it sold for $60.5m in 1999.



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