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Teaching is more art than science


Teaching is like conducting an orchestra, while learning a language is like playing a musical instrument.

As I played the piano for ten years, I realized when I was very young how challenging it was, and how much effort was needed to master just a single composition.  Teaching is like conducting an orchestra consisting of different musicians who are doing their best in order to make an excellent performance practising and working hard on a daily basis. Good teachers are patient with their students and they know, like conductors, that it is natural for musicians to make mistakes and are not synchronous at the beginning during orchestra rehearsals, but they are getting better and better every day.

Good teachers are imaginative and knowledgeable and they inspire their students to think and discover answers on their own and find their own ways… They are aware that if their students enjoy playing and learning they will be much more successful.

I’ve been teaching for twenty years and I’ve learnt a lot from my students. Teaching is a lifelong learning process and good teachers are always willing to change and develop. They know that perfection is unattainable, but they always do their best and try to be the best they can be.

This magnificent piano concerto by Rachmaninoff lasts almost as long as a lesson in my school. Enjoy listening! 🙂


About ljiljana havran

English language teacher (General & Aviation English), passionate about learning and teaching. Curious, adventurous, a lifelong learner. Love: good books, music, lots of dance.

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  1. “Learn till old, live till old, and there is still one-third not learned.”
    This is a chinese proverb.



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