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Eidetic Memory

I seem to always run into this problem in the middle of the week when I KNOW I should be posting new content on the blog, but seem to always get side tracked by the “oh shiny” complex I have with being in London!  Inevitably, that means I fall behind schedule, and once that happens, its like an avalanche on K2 and soon the sun isn’t shining on my party anymore.  But here I am, back at it again and excited as ever to share with you the events of my past week.

First off, it’s important that you know I am sitting in my hostel room on the 18th floor overlooking the city of Paris and all it’s glory (imagine the sun shining and illuminating the entire city in gold, but in reality, it’s cold, kind of cloudy, and beautiful a sight as ever).  But, to get the scoop…

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English language teacher (General & Aviation English), passionate about learning and teaching. Curious, adventurous, a lifelong learner. Love: good books, music, lots of dance.

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